Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Do you smell burning feathers?

So we had an exciting evening today. Over the course of an hour I had noticed a smell of burnt eggs or wires starting to come over the apartment, but since we weren't cooking I tried to ignore it. Especially since an outdoor bbq place is in the neighborhood. The smell continued to get worse and upon investigating the kitchen I found it very hazy. Of course, I couldn't get the managers to answer any of their 'emergency' numbers so after a quick consultation with the father figure, I gave the Orem police a call and filled them in on our situation. Just minutes later a cop and a fire truck arrived to sniff in my kitchen. Here's a pic for Keegan. Anyways, long story short, after the fire guys left, the manager showed and started checking out the connecting apartments and found that our lower next door neighbors had left a pot of eggs boiling on high and forgotten them. The pan was glowing red and smoking and there was a roll of paper towels right next to the stove. So I'm not crazy and its a good thing I called! What a night. We look forward to moving out and coming back to Oregon. Oh, and here are some pictures from when we were back over my birthday break.