Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wild Adventures at Grandma's House!

So...we never post. Until we do. Now we're crashing at Grandpa and Grandma Glasmann's house while they party on the East coast and get squished by big waves. Not much to say but here are some interesting pictures of the adventure.

Checking out the front and back of a cop car..front was better...

Tomatoes are on....I looooove Tomatoes

Ya..I'm choking...and Mom was taking a picture thinking it was a funny face...(huuughghghgaaa)

What do you mean it's all gone?

Then these animals with big horns showed up around dinner...

Oh...and Grandma and Grandpa got new couches...And they are perfect for climbing on...I'm halfway up the back here...Thanks for the new jungle gym guys!