Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Family of Four

Baby Elyssa Marie Glasmann was born at 19.19 on January 10th, 2011. She was 9 lbs. 12 oz. and was 23 inches long. She was diagnosed with strep B a short while later and was in the hospital for a week on an IV antibiotic. Virginia had placenta acreta, strep B, and later a bladder infection, and was released after six days in the hospital, to be moved to a different room in order to stay with Elyssa. We were all very happy when they were finally able to come home, one hour before Elyssa would have been in the hospital for a week.

Katarina has loved being a big sister so far. She is very gentle with Elyssa and loves to hold her, for about thirty seconds at a time. She has now learned that when she is done holding her she needs to let mommy or daddy know, and then wait for mommy or daddy to take Baby Elyssa, before just letting go. She is very attentive to Baby Elyssa and loves to help however she can. She has also become a very good mommy to her dolly. She likes to unzip her pjs and feed her dolly. We have also gone though a few burp cloths for dolly, she seems to spit up quite a lot. This morning dolly woke up with very wet pjs and had to be changed right away. Katarina was very careful to make sure dolly got cream, and even put the imaginary diaper in the trash. Last night we had a hard time making it through family prayer. Baby Elyssa was hungry but Katarina wanted to hold her for prayer. Katarina got a big "kiss" from Elyssa on the cheek as Elyssa was desperately searching for food. Elyssa then discovered Katarina's finger and Katarina was delighted that Elyssa kept sucking on it. Katarina kept sticking her finger further and further in her mouth. Elyssa gagged a few times but Katarina soon figured out how to do it right.

I love watching Katarina hold her little sister and give her kisses. So far, that is my favorite part.

Baby Elyssa, welcome to our family. We are so happy you are here and we love you very much!