Sunday, October 4, 2009

Every Girl Needs A Meerkat

About a month ago my Katarina was looking at a Calvin and Hobbes book with my mom and she became fascinated with tigers. She would point them out in pictures and on cereal boxes and wherever else they happened to pop up. She soon learned how to growl like a tiger and that growl became the universal sound for every animal. It was all very cute. So, you may ask, what does that have to do with meerkats? Well, Jayme decided that Katarina needed a tiger and ordered her one online. When we opened the box we were a bit surprised to find a meerkat instead of a tiger. The company eventually sent a tiger and let us keep the meerkat for our troubles. During the intervening period we had a little trip to Astoria and a wild adventure on a little bridge:) Try and follow the little mind of a little girl as you look at the picture procession. We love our little Katarina!

I didn't add words cause I thought each of you could invent your own story about this that would bring a smile to your faces. We hope you enjoyed the story:)