Saturday, June 6, 2009

We're Back

So a month has gone by... You really haven't missed much. The three of us got a viral infection. Katarina and I got over it pretty quickly. It hit Jayme pretty hard. Katarina has had a hard time sleeping. She takes 30 minute naps throughout the day, which has been hard for me because 30 minutes isn't enough time to get anything done. Last night we started something new. I put her down around 8:00, like normal, then woke her up at 10:30 to feed her. She then woke up at 4:00, wanting to eat, but I just rocked her and put her back to sleep. Then she didn't get back up 'til 7:30. I am hopeful that we have started to eliminate her late night feedings and that we will all start to sleep through the night.

We got to spend time with Josh, Jayme's brother, before he left on his mission. He left last week and will be serving in Oklahoma for the next two years. Katarnia loved playing with uncle Josh while he was here. It is crazy to think that she will be almost three the next time she gets to see him. We are excited for him and can't wait to hear of his adventures.

We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary. What a long strange trip that has been. Since we have gotten married I have had mono twice, Jayme's thyroid went out, I had preeclampsia followed by major blood loss and a D&C, and Jayme has been sick for the last six months with multiple viral infections and bronchitics which induced asthma like symptoms and made it difficult for him to do anything. I am hoping that some day we will learn what we need to learn from all of these illnesses and maybe have a full year of health.

Jayme is starting to feel better. He is starting to see all of the things around the house that need to be done, but just haven't been done because I can only do so much by myself. He has come up with lists of things that need to be done and I just sit back and wonder how I am going add anything else to my schedule. Then he does most of the things on the list and leaves me with one or two. It is nice to have him back.

Here are some pictures from the last month:

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