Friday, June 17, 2011

Portofino's in LA

I was going to try and do our whole trip in one big post, but I have decided to do it in a few small(ish) segments. This is our time at Portofino's, my grandma's favorite restaurant. She eats there every Monday with all the family members that want to join her. It was fun to be with everyone and enjoy the good food and good company. We sure love family traditions.

Her first taste of lemon. (Long Story)

Ice cream toast.

Daddy juggling both girls. Look at him go!

Katarina dipping her bread.

Around the Table.

Playing with an ice cube.

Around the Table.

Around the Table.

Saying Good Bye.

Look, no double chin. I love you mom. :)

Four Generations

Four Generations of Virginia
(Katarina's middle name is Virginia)