Thursday, September 30, 2010

Katarina's New Bed

We decided not to buy a toddler bed but to just go straight for the bunk beds. The bed showed up yesterday and we rearranged the furniture last night. Katarina was very disappointed when she learned that daddy wasn't going to assemble her new bed right then. She kept pointing to the empty part of her room and saying, "new bed goes there". The first thing she said to me this morning was, "Daddy make new bed now?" A short while later Daddy was woken up so that he could start working on it. He was very happy to find out that the desk section and the drawer section were completely preassembled so all he needed to do was put the beds together and attach the top bunk. Katarina has been so excited all day. She was sad when she learned that she couldn't take her nap in it because there were no mattress yet. They are supposed to show up tomorrow (hopefully). She was also very happy to move all of her clothes into the drawers on her new bed (which happen to be lined with cedar, and smell wonderfully). She said that she would share her old drawers (the changing table) with the baby. It is funny to me that we could now have three children in that bedroom. Maybe we should have some sleep-over.
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