Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pit of Despair???

Once there was a semi-barren field that wanted to be something more... So after consulting the great source of knowledge that is the Internet...rules for the construction of a horseshoe pit were discovered and the field found a future!
So we visited the local hardware stores after doing some rough math to determine our needs and began to rototill the soil to make the process easier.

Then the two Glasmann men got to work with scraping out the pit and cutting up the lumber to make the frame...good thing we measure twice!After completing the frame it was time to core out a hole for our horseshoe pin...lets see...need 14 inches to be out of the ground and the post is how long? 4 feet??!!?? Keep turning!

The last part of the day was cementing the pole in place...cause all those ringers might make it loose otherwise, right??

Day two: We visited the local rock store for some sand and started filling after making sure the frame was level and in the right place.

After filling the pits, we bolted on the back stop to protect people from those who may be a little less accurate.
Then, we let Mom and Dad throw the ceremonial first shoes! Dad landed a ringer on the first throw! Guess all that work on the pit gave him some inside pointers...

What form!! Can you see the horseshoes in these pictures? The first part of the Glasmann amusement park is now in buisiness! When do we start on the mini golf??