Thursday, April 14, 2011


Katarina got pink eye. We took her to the doctor and he said it was viral, but he gave us some medication anyway, just to make sure that she didn't get a secondary bacterial infection. The next day we noticed a big growth on her eye. The doctor said that it was either a reaction to the medication or to the infection, and since he didn't know which, we should stop the medication. The next day we noticed spots on her body. It turns out that sulfa drugs give her hives. We gave her benadryl to combat the hives, but that make her very excitable, which is somewhat normal in young children. After five days of hives, I have stopped giving her medication because she only has one or two little spots left. I hope they have run their cycle and we are done with the pink eye adventure.


Beki said...

That totally sucks. Poor little girl and poor parents. Hope that the cycle is all over by now!

peggy said...

well dang, I am sure missing seeing your sweet faces at church! Hope you are all on the mend and will be out and about again VERY soon. Keep up the good work MOM!